Monday, December 28, 2009

Workout of the week (12/28/09)

In light of all the great holiday movies, I will quote Kevin McCallister from the classic Home Alone: "Do you all give up or are you thirsty for more?"
Which leads us to this weeks workout. So here goes, if you think you are ready for it:
  1. Swings x 25
  2. Long cycle press x 5right (on the fifth, keep the bell overhead)
  3. Walk 20 yards, swing once to switch hands
  4. Long cycle press x 5 left (on the fifth, keep the bell overhead)
  5. Walk 20 yards back to where you started
  6. Repeat starting at step one shooting for 8 cycles thru (200 swings, 40 presses/front squats each)
What is a long cycle press? It is a press that flows from a front squat. The momentum you generated from the front squat will help you with the press, so make the movement nice and smooth so you don't loose any power. With that being said, I expect you to go one bell heavier than you normally press. So if you normally press the 16kg, step up to the 20kg. Let your legs assist the press as much as you need to, as long as you maintain a nice crisp form.

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