Thursday, December 17, 2009

Workout of the week. (12/17/09)

Here is a nice quick workout that hits almost all of the basic kettlebells skills: swing, clean, snatch and front squat. Plus, it will challenge your grip so choose an appropriate bell - typically 8kg or 12kg for women, and 12kg or 16kg for guys. You will perform each exercise back-to-back all on the same side for 15 seconds each for a total of 1 minute of work per set. Take a 30 second break and repeat on the other side. Start out shooting for a 10 minute work out or 4 cycles on each side . Here is the breakdown:
  1. 1 arm swing Right 15sec
  2. Clean Right 15sec
  3. Snatch Right 15sec
  4. Front squat right 15 sec
  5. Rest :30sec
  6. 1 arm swing Left 15sec
  7. Clean Left 15sec
  8. Snatch Left 15sec
  9. Front squat Left 15 sec
  10. Rest :30sec

Good luck!! And don't forget, as you fatigue pay extra attention to your technique.

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