Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goal Reached.

I have been attempting to successfully perform a pistol (single leg squat below parallel) for well over a year now. Attempting being the key word. As 2009 is coming to an end I realized that the likelihood of reaching this goal was slipping away. Also since my wife and I had our son on 12/7/09 sleep and training has been hit and miss AND my mom was in town helping out for a week - which means I ate well, VERY WELL. So today I wanted to see how much, if any progress I had made over the past few months - I had specifically been addressing weakness and restrictions. Look what happened.

By addressing my restrictions and using many tips from Pavel's Naked Warrior it finally happened. A plan, lots of patience, and persistence. Yesterday, I felt a Pistol for me was impossible. Today, it wasn't the prettiest but it happened.

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