Sunday, January 10, 2010

Workout of the week (1/11/2009)

Welcome back to the spring semester!!  Since this is the beginning of the Spring semester, I feel like it is also a good time to get back to some movements that we may have gotten away from.  Of course, those would be the swing and the get up. So, here goes:

200 Swing Challenge
1.  Complete 200 swings as quickly as possible.  Rest as needed, and record the time.  Don't get sloppy, make sure they are Hardstyle swings and don't get "Soft" as you get tired.

Progressive Get Up  
1.  Roll to press, Back
2.  To elbow, Back
3.  To Hand, Back
4.  To High Bridge, Back
5.  To 3-point stance, Back
6.  To 1/2 kneeling, Back
7.  To Standing, Back

Complete this process one side at a time.  Go slowly.  Make sure to crisply and cleanly hit each position.  Shoot for 5 on each side, alternating sides after each one.

If you still have anything left, try another 200 swings.  That should knock the rust out from the holidays and get you back on track for the upcoming semester.

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