Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oklahoma Kettlebell Workshop

I just returned from the Oklahoma Kettlebell Workshop hosted by Way of Strength. One word - Excellent. It was instructed by SrRKC Jeff O'Connors and SrRKC David Whitley, and was an intermediate level kettlebell workshop. So what did we spend 80% of the weekend on? Swings and Get ups. Going into the weekend I was fairly confident that my swings and get ups were rock solid - coming out of the weekend I was humbled. The more I practice these movements and the more I learn about them, the clearer it is that they are skills. Like any skills there is continual refinement and improvement. Like I've said since the RKC swinging a kettlebell and doing a kettlebell swing are two different things. After all the refinement and drills to clean up these movements this weekend both movements feel crisper and cleaner.

While I learned a lot over the weekend, it was also a physically challenging weekend. I was humbled -there's that word again- by a 12kg and a 16kg bell for most of the weekend. Keep in mind I thought I could do a getup with a 40kg bell, and I swing double 24kg bells on a weekly basis.

The best part of the weekend was their ability to instruct/teach. Easily they could have physically beat us down and let us walk/crawl away. But, they new where the line was between learning/refining movements and "total beat-down" and took us to that line several times. After the RKC in April and a 9 hour drive home, I was stuck in a seated position -or at least felt that way- for 2 days. After this weekend, I was sore and fatigued but was fully functional by Monday morning. Where I was the most sore -my Jaw from a "warm up" drill we did on Sunday and my thumb from taking so many notes. Almost reminded me of Chemistry class as a sophomore in College - only I can apply a lot of what I learned this weekend. Chemistry is still a little questionable for me.

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